Treating your skin concerns

Corneotherapists at our skin clinic repair and maintain your skin barrier, much like fixing the roof of a house – think of us as roofers! Just as a damaged roof can lead to structural issues over time, a compromised skin barrier can silently cause internal skin concerns. Sooner or later, expect redness, dryness, pigmentation and premature ageing to appear on the surface. It’s like discovering a leaky roof that needs attention – fast.

Health Barrier

Healthy skin relies on a healthy barrier. Mother Nature created our barrier for a reason – it’s our first line of defence against the cold, wind and pollution.

A healthy skin barrier is pretty good at looking after itself as long as we don’t abuse it! Think of it like the roof of your home. A home with a strong, waterproof tiled roof keeps the inside insulated at a pleasant temperature. Your skin is exactly the same.

The skin cells in your barrier are like roof tiles, overlapping and interlocking to keep skin-plumping moisture in and irritants out.

Damaged Barrier

Dermatologists used to believe the outer layer of skin was dead, but now we know better. It loves to chat, sending vital repair messages to the deeper layers where most of our ageing occurs.

A strong skin barrier is like a bouncer at a nightclub: only skin-loving ingredients are getting in! But, a damaged skin barrier allows pathogens and allergens to sneak in and cause a fight. No wonder the skin feels tight, itchy, red, and reacts to the slightest thing.

Corneotherapy at our skin clinic can help.


Corneotherapy is the science behind a healthy skin barrier – an ‘outside-in approach’ to healing the skin. Dermatologist Dr Albert Kligman realised that many skin concerns, such as acne, eczema, and rosacea, result from an upset stratum corneum (the outer layer of skin we can touch).

Corneotherapists at our are skin therapists obsessed with caring for your skin barrier – we know it’s the key to plump, youthful skin. We educate our clients to love their skin barrier and stop using foaming cleansers, grainy scrubs and peels. Why your skin needs a consultation at our Skin Clinic. We always start with a skin consultation at our skin clinic to determine if your skin history has damaged your barrier. Only then can we decide which treatment your skin needs. (Look at our blog post: Skincare consultations with skincare specialists Tej & Co.” and see why we are so passionate about consultations).

We’ve been in this business long enough to know that skin doesn’t change overnight. But if we work together, we can rebuild your barrier and address your skin issues for long-term results. Take a look at our case study: “A new way to treat eczema from the skincare specialists at our Skin Clinic.” After suffering from eczema for most of her life, Rebecca came to see us after it spread to her face. Great before and after photos!

Despite popular opinion, beautiful skin is not entirely a matter of DNA. The future of your skin in all its potential gorgeous, glowing glory lies in your hands and the products you apply. It took me over a year to find Dermaviduals skincare at our Skin Clinic – fragranced creams or celebrity endorsements don’t cut it with me – they have to bring results.

Like a fingerprint, no two skins are the same, so we recommend using bespoke Dermaviduals skincare, customised for each client depending on their skin history and long-term concerns.

• Unique Dermaviduals composition mimics the skin barrier.
• Free from skin barrier-disrupting ingredients such as silicones, harsh preservatives, emulsifiers, perfume and dyes.
• Only sold by Skincare Professionals.
• Custom-blended skincare: tailored to your individual skin’s needs.

Using skincare ingredients that the skin wants and recognises can help improve issues such as rosacea, blemishes, dry skin and teenage skin. To learn more about Dermaviduals, look at our blog post: “Not all skincare is skincare and why you should choose Dermaviduals”.


tej consultation


Book a skin consultation with us, and we will take a full skin history before determining your treatment plan and bespoke skincare routine for long-term results.

bespoke facial


We don’t believe in generic facials because everyone’s skin is unique. Your bespoke facial is designed for your individual skin concerns and long-term goals. Your skin will decide what treatment it needs!

Read our blog about why we recommend a skin consultation  https://www.tejandco.co.uk/skincare-consultations-with-the-skin-care-specialists-tej-and-co/ 

Tej Tips

Don’t pick or
squeeze spots

Popping spots can cause scars, damage your barrier and spread spots. Remember: a spot takes ten days to heal; a wound takes twenty-eight.

Check your

Clients with skin-barrier conditions such as acne and eczema are often low in omegas, so eat an omega-rich diet to improve your skin from the inside out.


We know the temptation of a hot shower on a cold morning, but the hot water will strip the precious oils from your skin, leaving it tight.


Avoid harsh cleansers full of emulsifiers and surfactants that strip your barrier-loving oils from the surface of your skin. The best-known surfactant is washing up liquid!


Your poor skin barrier winces whenever you use a harsh scrub or peel. Try a more gentle enzyme instead – it only removes what is ready to come off.