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Peach fuzz sounds cute, but for many women, soft, downy facial hair can be a cause of embarrassment and anxiety. At Tej & Co, we meet a lot of frustrated women who’ve tried several unsuccessful hair-removal methods and have been left feeling disappointed, so we know how important it is to get right.

That’s why we often recommend Hair V Go. This groundbreaking alkaline mask treatment will remove unwanted facial hair quickly and painlessly, leaving your skin smoother and hair free with minimal skin irritation, all after a single treatment. Interested? We thought you might be…

Soft, fine facial hair is very common, and can leave some people feeling self-conscious or resorting to painful, time-consuming hair-removal methods like shaving, plucking or threading. But there is a more-effective, permanent way to reduce facial hair – and we’ve found it. Epil Pro uses sound waves to target the very root of the hair, destroying fine, downy facial fuzz quickly and painlessly, leaving your face smooth and hair free, and you feeling happier and more confident. It’s clever stuff and we think you’ll love it…

If you’re feeling self-conscious about soft, downy facial hair and have tried other unsuccessful, painful or time-consuming treatments, Hair V Go could be just the treatment you’re looking for. And we’re just the experts to help. Using a specially formulated alkaline solution in a mask, Hair V Go dissolves fine hairs in a single treatment with no discomfort, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and totally hair free – and helping you feel happier and more confident.

Hair V Go is a professional-strength alkaline mask that breaks down the protein structure of the facial hair, dissolving it deep within the follicles.

It’s a quick, safe, instant hair-removal treatment that’s ideal for targeting fine, downy hair, particularly in sensitive or delicate areas such as upper lip, chin, cheeks and jawline. In the short term, hair will grow back much slower and finer; longer term, Hair V Go results in permanent hair reduction.

Hair V Go is a great alternative to electrolysis or laser treatments, because the results are instant. There’s no wait time for the treated hairs to shed, like after a laser treatment, and even the very finest of hairs are treated, unlike with electrolysis.

At your appointment, our friendly, expert therapists will guide you through the treatment process in detail, but as a guide it involves:

1. Applying the mask to the treatment area for 6-8 minutes.
2. Removing the mask and using a soft sponge to restore the pH balance of your skin.
3. Applying a specially formulated aftercare cream to soothe your skin.

Important bit: Please don’t use soap or cleanser on your face the morning of the treatment. You’ll need to have applied a generous amount of moisturiser and foundation.

At your consultation we’ll discuss whether Hair V Go is the most suitable treatment for you. If it is, we’ll put together a bespoke plan, tell you what to expect pre- and post-treatment and answer any questions you may have.

With Hair V Go, the results are instant and will leave you with a smoother, hair-free face. In the short term, hair will grow back finer and more slowly. Over the long term, you’ll see permanent hair reduction.

If you’re fed up of peach fuzz (fine downy hair) on your face, or are tired of avoiding the sunshine or bright lights for fear of others noticing your hair, Hair V Go is right for you.

Hair V Go is suitable for people with all skin types and is a good alternative to treatments like electrolysis and laser, which tend to be more suited to coarser, darker hair.


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“Had a consultation with Tej regarding excess hair on my face and some pigmentation.  Tej was brilliant and very informative and put me at ease, so much so that I immediately booked my first appointment. Really looking forward having a hair free face and neck.”

– Claire


Hair V Go The Proof


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