Do you constantly worry about irritating skin tags and thread veins on your face and body? Are you always covering up with scarves or makeup? At Tej & Co, we understand that unwanted blemishes are more than a cosmetic nuisance. Our expertise is here to help.

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What is Skin Tags?​

Skin tags may be small, but they can irritate when nicked by razors, caught on jewellery or pinched by clothes, especially around the sensitive eye area. These common benign growths, made up of fat and tissue, are connected to the skin by a small stem and can be flesh-coloured or darker than skin.

What are Thread Veins?

Thread (spider) veins are fine red or purple lines that may increase in size and number over time. On the face, they are often accompanied by rosacea symptoms such as flushing, persistent redness, small bumps, and a burning sensation.

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What causes Skin Tags?

Not to be confused with moles, fibrous skin tags are frequently found in areas of friction: under the breasts, under the arms, and neck (where necklaces and collars irritate), ranging in size from a speck to a large pea.

What causes Thread Veins?

Thread veins are enlarged blood vessels visible beneath the skin’s surface. Wear and tear make these thin-walled vessels dilate and weaken until they become permanently enlarged. Like a stroppy elastic band, they can only be stretched so far until they lose patience and elasticity.


Skin Tag Triggers:

Thread Vein Triggers:

How corneotherapists treat SKIN TAGS & THREAD VEINS?

Cornetherapists prefer a long-term path to clearer, more confident skin. At Tej & Co, our experienced therapists use clinically proven techniques, therapeutic skincare and holistic lifestyle tips to reduce blemishes and prevent them from returning. We are in it for the long haul.

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Bespoke Skincare

Maintaining a good skincare routine is vital to strengthen the skin barrier and prevent spider veins from worsening. We recommend Dermaviduals products free from harsh preservatives, dyes, acids and additives to gently and effectively care for your skin.

Tej and co bespoke facial

Bespoke Facials

After a detailed skin consultation, we will decide which treatment suits your skin.

Skin Tags Electrolysis

Advanced Electrolysis

This fuss-free, affordable treatment expertly removes age spots, skin tags, thread veins, warts, cherry spots and milia on the face and body quickly, safely and with excellent results – leaving you feeling happier and more confident.

Skin Tags Laser

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Focused light energy precisely targets and fades spider veins on the face and body without affecting the surrounding skin.

LED Light Therpay

LED Light Therapy

Blue light helps soothe inflammation accompanying spider veins. In contrast, red light speeds up cell renewal and collagen production to support the skin’s natural healing and strengthen the skin’s structure.


Skin tags: The tiny, precisely targeted current ‘dries up’ the vessels feeding into the area, cauterising skin tags and causing them to drop off permanently without scarring, making it the perfect facial treatment.

Veins: The current dries up and seals the blood vessel (or destroys the blemish) over several sessions, depending on the area.

At Tej & Co, we use two types of electrolysis, Apilus and Sterex. Apilus is our most advanced and popular system, renowned for its high-quality and pain-free results. At your consultation, we’ll take the time to discuss which system is best for you.

While electrolysis is safe, pain-free and effective, some find it slightly uncomfortable on larger skin-tag areas. However, our therapists are electrolysis experts and perform all treatments with great care to minimise the ‘ouch’ factor.

At your appointment, our friendly, expert therapists put together a bespoke plan, describe the treatment in detail and answer any questions you may have.

  1. Pre-care: Gently cleanse the treatment area with a sterile wipe.
    2. Treatment: the electrolysis probe releases a tiny burst of energy on the targeted area.
    3. Post-care:    Witch hazel and aftercare ointment to soothe and prevent infection.

While our clients rarely experience side effects, you may initially experience scabbing and redness for up to 14 days. (Consider this recovery time when booking a visible treatment area).

This safe, effective treatment is becoming increasingly popular with men and women of all ages and skin types thanks to quick, immediate results. If you suffer from unsightly skin tags or blemishes, electrolysis is a quick, easy, pain-free way to smooth clear skin.


If spider veins and skin tags undermine your confidence, book a skin consultation at Tej & Co. Let’s work together to achieve a complexion you’re proud to show off.