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Introducing Epil Pro

Soft, fine facial hair is very common, and can leave some people feeling self-conscious or resorting to painful, time-consuming hair-removal methods like shaving, plucking or threading. But there is a more-effective, permanent way to reduce facial hair – and we’ve found it. Epil Pro uses sound waves to target the very root of the hair, destroying fine, downy facial fuzz quickly and painlessly, leaving your face smooth and hair free, and you feeling happier and more confident. It’s clever stuff and we think you’ll love it…

Needle free, heat free and pain free, Epil Pro is a facial hair-removal system that delivers sound waves to the root of each individual hair, destroying cells and removing follicles safely and quickly.

Although Epil Pro targets each hair precisely, it can clear an entire area on the face – such as upper lip, chin, cheeks and eyebrows for women – or ears, nose and above the shave line for men.

Epil Pro is an effective alternative to electrolysis or laser treatment, both of which are more suited to coarser hair.

At your appointment, our friendly, expert therapists will guide you through the treatment process in detail, but as a guide it involves:

1. Gently cleansing the treatment area with a sterile wipe and applying a special Epil Pro lotion.
2. Carefully gripping the hair with wired tweezers, then transmitting sound energy down the hair to the root, disintegrating the cell of the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin.
3. Repeating the treatment on the entire area to remove hairs quickly, safely and painlessly.

An Epil Pro hair-removal session typically takes around 10-15 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated. At your consultation we’ll discuss whether Epil Pro is the most suitable treatment for you. If it is, we’ll put together a bespoke plan, tell you what to expect pre- and post-treatment and answer any questions you may have.

Hair is removed straight away and in the short term it grows back much finer. Longer term, Epil Pro offers permanent hair reduction.

For many women facial hair growth, no matter how fine, can leave them feeling self-conscious. So it’s you’ve already tried several different methods and the results have just been disappointing, it’s time to give Epil Pro a go.

Epil Pro hair removal is very effective for both and women with fine, downy hair. It’s also suitable for teenage girls who aren’t old enough for laser treatment and who have soft facial hair, which often first appears on the upper lip during puberty.

And because it uses sound waves rather than heat or needles like some of our other treatments, it tends to offer a more comfortable experience.

The Proof

“Looked at the previous comments on the website and decided to take the plunge for the first time and use Tej & Co. A good decision, made all the better by Sarah who put me at ease and talked me through the whole process and was so professional. Lovely girl, lovely place 😃”

Why Try Epil Pro?

Facial hair growth, no matter how fine, can leave you feeling self-conscious or grappling with an ineffective regime of tweezing, threading or shaving. For longer lasting, more effective results, Epil Pro removes unwanted facial hair – even the very finest of hairs that can show through makeup – quickly and painlessly, leaving your face smoother and you feeling happier and more confident.

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