Stepping out with the confidence that comes from having smooth, hair-free skin really shouldn’t be hard. But you’ve tried shaving and creams, and the results have been mixed at best. After all, they only target hair above the surface of the skin, which can lead to irritation as the hair grows back.

With waxing, you can remove the hair right at the root, so it takes longer to grow back and is much softer when it does. But it has to be done right, and with the right products. At Tej & Co, we have years of experience in using the best quality wax, as well as techniques that minimise the ouch-factor and make for a more effective, comfortable waxing experience.

If you’re fed up, frustrated and feeling like you’re fighting a losing battle when it comes to unwanted hair growth, look no further. At Tej & Co, we pride ourselves on our hair-removal skills, honed with many years of practice and experience. We promise that when we combine the latest technology with our tried-and-trusted methods, the fabulous feeling of hair-free skin is possible. So whether you want to look your fabulous best for a holiday, tired of shaving and plucking, or just want to get rid of hair in places you’d rather not have it, trust the experts at Tej & Co to help. We use the finest hypoallergenic wax to give you the results you’re looking for and leave you feeling smoother, happier and more confident.

Waxing is a quick, safe, effective and affordable way to remove unwanted body hair. (Please note that we don’t use wax on the face, apart from eyebrows.)

It involves applying warm wax to the desired area, then pressing on and quickly removing a paper strip. This can be a little uncomfortable, but it’s very fast and gets easier with each wax as your hair tends to grow back more sparsely.

We use high-quality Outback Organic hypoallergenic wax, which is vegan friendly, has a low melting point and is fast drying.

For more intimate waxing, we use a specialist non-strip wax which adheres to the hair and not the skin, essentially shrink-wrapping each hair. This is then removed by hand so as not to affect the skin and keep you comfortable.

Waxing is also becoming an increasingly popular option for men, and at Tej & Co, our expert, highly qualified therapists treat all clients with absolute discretion and professionalism. We take particular care around the sensitive areas of the body. Please note that treatment in these areas can sometimes cause arousal. Don’t worry, this is nothing to be embarrassed about. Your therapist knows this can happen and will continue with her work.

However, please be aware that any inappropriate behaviour won’t be tolerated. We’ll protect your modesty, and we’re sure you’ll protect ours.

Waxing is an ideal, more affordable alternative to laser hair removal, which isn’t suitable for blonde, red or grey hair.

At your appointment, our friendly, expert therapists will guide you through the treatment process in detail, but as a guide it involves:

1. Gently cleansing the treatment area with a pre-wax lotion.
2. Applying warm wax with a spatula and then pressing a paper strip onto the area.
3. Removing the strip quickly, removing the wax and hair.
4. Applying lotion to soothe the area.

For more sensitive areas, we use a specialist non-strip wax which adheres to the hair and not the skin. This is carefully removed by hand.

A waxing session typically takes around 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the area being treated. At your consultation we’ll discuss whether waxing is the most suitable treatment for you. If it is, we’ll put together a bespoke plan, tell you what to expect pre- and post-treatment and answer any questions you may have.

Please note that for waxing to work effectively, your hair needs to be at least half a centimetre long. So if you normally shave, you should let your hair grow for at least two to three weeks.

With waxing you’ll get instant results, and your hair will take longer to grow back than if you were shaving or using creams. You’ll also notice that your hair grows back much finer.

Hair-free skin and keeping everything neat and tidy appeal to lots of men and women. Whether for hygiene, aesthetic or more personal reasons, we can remove as little or as much hair as you wish.

Waxing is a super-effective hair-removal treatment and is suitable for men, women and teenagers. It’s also ideal for those who can’t use laser treatment because they have lighter-coloured hair.

If you’re waxing for a holiday or special occasion, and it’s your first waxing experience, we recommend booking a treatment at least a week before you go to avoid any unexpected bumps.

With regular waxing you can really forget those creams and regular shaving or plucking routines while on holiday, and just show off healthy, glowing, hair-free skin.


Tej & Co hair removal and skincare clinic provide expert treatments in Stourbridge for both women and men.






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“Taran is wonderful, in fact all staff at Tej & Co are. They provide a professional, friendly service. I would never go anywhere else for my waxing & travel all the way from Birmingham to use Tej & Co!”

– Amie

“Tej made me feel really at ease with intimate waxing which I had never had done before. It was a lot less painful than I anticipated too. I will definitely return.”

– Trudie

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