About Us


It started in 2002 with a simple promise: to help everyone feel happier, healthier and more confident about their bodies.

Our founder Tejinder Ghag – Tej to friends and clients – had always had a passion for beauty therapies, but she quickly discovered that through skin treatments and hair removal she could really make the biggest difference.

Having seen so many people suffer from unwanted or unsightly hair, or skin conditions like acne, uneven tones, sun damage or thread veins, Tej realised that a tailored programme and combination of treatment methods could tackle these problems effectively.

This approach, combined with a friendly, personal service and relaxed, welcoming environment, has seen Tej and her team build a loyal, regular client base and an earn a brilliant reputation right across Birmingham and the West Midlands.

As we’ve become more successful, we’ve moved to bigger premises, taken on some really talented people and invested in some of the world’s best medically approved technologies.

But we’ve never lost sight of the simple promise that started it all. It’s a promise worth keeping, and it’s why our clients love us.


tej and co owner tej

I started out in the small bedroom in the family home, before creating an extension for my home-based salon and I slowly built and developed the business over a period of ten years.

Initially, I specialised in hair removal, but of course, there is a natural link with the skin, and with my personal experiences of acne treatments, it made sense to introduce this element into my business slowly. I am passionate about the role the right skincare regime and products can have on confidence and self-esteem. I wanted to share my experience with others and for them to see what could be achieved when given the right advice and plan.I am always looking to adopt the most well-researched and proven technologies, which I know will give my clients the results they are looking for.

Tej & Co has a scientific approach to understanding and caring for the skin. I like to think we bridge the gap between your G.P, and what they might know and recommend for your skin, and a consultant dermatologist. Our treatments are all non-surgical but with clinically proven results obtained from medical-grade devices and equipment. Essentially the best treatments you can get for your skin. The biggest thing for me is confidence, both in our clients and the treatments and products we offer.

Everybody should be able to feel happy, healthy and confident within themselves, and by tailoring our products and services effectively, we are able to achieve both of these things.

Jenna tejandco

I joined Tej & Co in 2017 and I’ve never looked back. I earned my NVQ Level 2 and 3 in beauty therapy in 2014 and have since taken many training courses to develop my skills and knowledge further. Thanks to Tej & Co, I’ve become an advanced therapist, skilled in performing hair removal and skincare treatments. For me, it’s about making a difference to people’s lives by guiding them through the journey of treatments. It’s so rewarding when they achieve the results they want.


Tej & Co hair removal and skincare clinic provide expert treatments in Stourbridge for both women and men.