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Not all skincare is skin care, and why you should choose Dermaviduals

Tej and Co has been operating for over 21 years and in this time, I have seen hundreds of different types of skin and skin concerns. From acne and rosacea to eczema and ageing skin. We can help with most skin concerns and an important part of the process is the products we use.

Most of us use products on our skin every day, so it stands to reason that they have the ability to make a real difference to the condition of our skin. But, they need to be the right products. Finely fragranced creams or those that are endorsed by popular celebrities just don’t cut it with me. They have to bring results.

It took me over a year to find Dermaviduals and it was the ability for me to be able to create bespoke blends of products that won me over.


One of the main reasons I love Dermaviduals products is that they have a unique composition that closely matches the skin. They’re natural and don’t contain huge amounts of ingredients that can sometimes irritate the skin. 

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Emulsifiers, surfactants, mineral oils and silicones can all cause irritation to the skin barrier. They upset the skin’s natural pH, which means the skin barrier can become compromised and the healthy bacteria depleted.

Dermaviduals skincare products are free from surfactants, emulsifiers, preservatives, perfumes and dyes, which means they only contain the good stuff and the products your skin needs.

Another reason I chose Dermaviduals is because it’s a customised skincare programme that can be tailored to suit each individual clients skincare needs. A one size fits all approach doesn’t work, and these products are blended for each client meaning they are getting what their skin actually needs.

A unique solution for skin

The tailored Dermaviduals programme begins with the Dermaviduals signature base, DMS creams, which mimic the exact structure and chemical composition of the natural skin barrier. We then customise and enrich the base with active ingredients that will encourage the skin to repair itself and begin protecting it. 

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Not all skincare is skin care

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Preservatives prevent the growth of bacteria in products, so they have a role to play, but some are abrasive to the skin changing the microbiome and leading to bacterial imbalances. 


Emulsifiers are binding agents which thicken a formula and enhance the texture of products, but they can also disrupt the enzyme balance of the skin by dissolving components which are essential for the health of skin cells.


Fragrance makes a product smell nice while also masking any of the less pleasantly fragranced ingredients in the product. Fragrances can sometimes irritate skin so should be approached with caution if you have a sensitive skin type. Both synthetic and natural fragrances have the potential to cause a reaction.

The science behind skin care – Corneotherapy

Corneotherapy is a dermatological ‘outside in’ approach to heal the skin. Dermatologist Dr Albert Kligman the co-inventor of Retin-A discovered that all skin problems especially acne, rosacea, atopic dermatitis as well as many other conditions are an indication of an upset stratum corneum; the outermost layer of the skin – the part you can touch, feel and cleanse and beautify. 

The Skin Barrier

The job of the skin barrier is to protect a defence system that mother nature created to control moisture levels and keep microbes, pathogens, UV rays and pollution at bay. When the skin barrier is compromised, the skin will communicate with undesired results such as redness, dryness, pigmentation and signs of ageing.

Consultations and Programmes

Consultations are an essential part of the skin health journey and enable me to assess each person, and their skin, and make a 360 recommendation on what treatments will be best. 

If you have been reading this article and are interested in hearing more or have a question about your skin, please do get in touch. My inbox is always open – info@tejandco.co.uk

This article was written by skincare specialist Tej of Tej & Co. Tej & Co are experts in skincare and hair removal clinic, West Midlands. Offering safe and results-driven non-surgical skin treatments including Endymed Skin Tightening.