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Planned the holiday? Now it’s time to start planning for the feel-good holiday glow!

I’m sure on previous holidays you’ve done the nails, hair removal and even got a new hairstyle to go with it, but have you thought about your skin?

Yes, so you’ve packed the SPF, but how do you get that long-lasting, natural and healthy holiday tan?

How do you fully protect and prepare your skin to give you minimal maintenance and that dazzling holiday confidence by the beach or poolside?

This article will cover all this and more, including beach beauty tips, how to tan in the sun and the rewards that come with.

There’s no real secret, just simple routines and the right preparation.

So, let’s dive into our holiday prep guide.


Holiday Confidence


Prepping the skin for your upcoming fabulous holiday is probably not something you will have thought of, or it could be the last item on your ‘beauty to-do list’.

However, the underestimation of a pre-holiday routine could mean you could be missing out on:

• Low maintenance holiday
• Wearing less makeup
• Staying hair-free, for longer
• Natural, healthy and long-lasting tan
• Bikini confidence and a long-lasting holiday glow

The importance of confidence and practicality when on holiday is paramount to enjoy the sun safely, without harming the skin.


Dangers of Skin Damage


Did you know the sun causes 95% of premature skin ageing?

This is why UV light is the #1 enemy for your skin! Whether you are a just a holiday bather, seasonal sun worshipper or city hopper, sun damage has already been done.

Just because something is not visual straight away, doesn’t mean that the sun hasn’t damaged your skin for the future – it’s important to know how to tan in the sun.

The UV light from the sun causes free radicals in the skin which means there is less oxygen that is able to get through to the skin cells. The consequence of this is that the cells are not fully able to function efficiently – this is called oxidative stress, which eventually leads to early cell death and premature ageing.

Don’t underestimate how important the pre-holiday skin routine is.

Exposure to the sun is often misguided and ‘tunnel-visioned’ to just ‘slapping’ on some SPF once in a while when on holiday.

If you are serious about looking after your skin, let’s view more about the potential damage the sun can cause if not prepped correctly BEFORE your next holiday.



Dehydrated in the skin means the skin’s PH is impaired. This causes a build-up of dead skin cells that will look dull and fatigued, with a generalised crinkle appearance and less suppleness. There may also be evidence of fine lines and loss of volume.


The Breakdown of Healthy Collagen

Sun damage breaks down healthy collagen and elastin, which is the scaffolding of the skin. This causes loss of structural support and volume that eventually develops into lines, wrinkles and premature ageing. This also impacts on vitamin C production, which is essential for collagen production as well as a powerful antioxidant that fights free radical damage.



One of the more common, short-term effects of sun damage we are all aware of. Be wary that lighter skin tones are more susceptible and have increased vulnerability to free radical damage and the DNA mutation of cells, leading to possible cancerous change. This is due to the skin lacking the self-protection cells that are evident in darker skin tones. The right skin preparation can be the key to how to tan your face without burning.



The visibility of pigmentation on the skin surface appears as sun spots and hyperpigmentation. With continuous sun exposure over a period, it can develop into melasma or even Permanent Pigment Darkening (PPD). Underneath the skin, sun damage reduces the skin’s capacity to regenerate new skin healthy tissues and skin healing capability.


The 3 Stages Of Essential Skin Protection

Now, this is where we get into the practical tips.

You must go through all these stages to ensure minimal damage and maintain that young and healthier look, slowing down the process of ageing.


#1 Skincare Routine

Assess your skin daily by checking to see if it’s a little dry and dehydrated when you wake up. If so, just wash your face with water and then apply your moisturiser and SPF. Moisturising daily (am & pm) helps for that all-important hydration, which must contain hyaluronic acid – it’s literally like watering your skin cells. Make sure to only use warm water, not hot, to wash your face and drink 1-2 litre of water daily. Also, be sure to exfoliate your skin once a week to remove dead skin cells, as this will help develop a healthier tan, which will last longer once you’ve returned from your holiday.

#2 Diet

Healthy skin reflects the benefits of a good diet, good nutrition leads to a healthy body and a healthy body, in turn, leads to healthy skin. Vitamin A is needed for cell function and tissue regeneration, which we can get from oily fish, fruit and vegetables. Vitamin C’s healing quality help to produce collagen as well as a powerful antioxidant to minimise free radical damage, which we get from our ‘5 a day’ fruit and veg. Antioxidants neutralise harmful free radicals so are a major defence against skin damage, disease and premature ageing. The body cannot manufacture antioxidants itself, therefore, rely on our dietary supply of these vital elements.

#3 Skincare Products

Apply SPF 30+ daily and all-year-round. Your SPF of choice must be UVA & UVB broad-spectrum to measure protection from burning, not ageing or free radical damage. We recommend using a separate SPF to your moisturiser or makeup to get full protection. Also, a topical antioxidant (vitamin C) of cosmeceutical strength can increase protection up to 96% against free radical damage and UV light. For more details about recommended products, view this post.


How To Tan In The Sun

Avoid midday sun – that’s when it’s most harmful
Do not expose your skin to more than 20 mins of direct sunlight
Remember to re-apply sunscreen regularly, especially if you have been in the water
Follow the skin preparation tips above and only use products recommended by skin experts


Beach Beauty Tips

Moisturise AM & PM
Apply SPF30+ AM, daily
Wear a hat to protect your face
Drink plenty of water


Don’t Forget! Best Tips For Hair Removal


Waxing of body hair should be done at least 3-4 days before your holiday, especially if it’s your first wax – this allows for any skin irritation to calm down before you go in the sun.

When switching from shaving to waxing, allow 3-4 weeks hair growth before your waxing appointment. We recommend exfoliating once a week and moisturising the area (including your bikini too) after every shower, but not on the day of your waxing appointment.

To be hair-free for the longest on holiday, we recommend at least 4-6 waxing treatments prior to jetting off. This allows all the hairs to be in the same hair growth cycle when you have been shaving for a long period of time.


The Feel-Good Holiday Glow


Looking and feeling confident with your skin is a great feel-good factor, as it’s our skin that shows the first signs of a great holiday on our return.

It’s important to remember, skin maintenance is just like dieting before a holiday – your body puts skin needs back of the queue when prioritising over life-supporting organs, so you must invest time and effort for healthy glowing skin.

Don’t forget, as skincare and hair removal experts, we can look after all your pre-holiday hair and skin concerns, so whether it’s a boost or a little advice/pre-holiday preparation, just give us a call on 01384 824039.

Our specialisms mean we are experts at anti-ageing skin treatments, all to help you with common conditions such as dry skin, acne and fine lines to name a few. Plus, whether you are ready or not to go for your next treatment, we here to provide you with all the top tips for healthy skin.

We’ve got a collection of skin treatments with laser and skin tightening that are perfectly designed to give you that holiday glow – so go on, love your skin today and the future rewards of tomorrow.

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