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Winter Skincare: As the summer draws to a close, you’re probably starting to think about packing away your summer clothes for another year, but did you know now is the best time to change your skincare routine, too?

Changing to a winter skincare routine makes perfect sense when you think about it. We pack up our summer wardrobe, in favour of thicker clothes to keep us warm, and protect our skin, so why not think about the areas of your skin exposed to the extremities of weather too?

We change our wardrobe from shorts and T-shirts to jumpers and trousers and at the same time we should think about changing our skincare products. The environment will be changing, and these changes can cause an imbalance in the skin due to the lack of water in the air and the lack of humidity which leaves the skin dry due to water loss. 

Similarly to how we layer our clothing in the winter, we recommend the same approach for our skin with a winter skincare routine. Layer your products, use a gentle cleanser add a serum and moisturiser but don’t forget to add in an SPF.

The skin on our faces is more exposed to weather conditions than anywhere else on the body, yet many of us don’t realise how much of an impact the weather has on our skin. Add to that the impact of a winter holiday in the sun or some time spent on the slopes, and you can begin to understand the confusion caused to the skin. And of course, it lets us know it’s not happy with spots, redness or dry and even flaking patches. 

The skin needs extra kindness in the winter, and you need to consider how the cold weather, and the extremes of the hot to cold conditions with central heating and cold days, will take their toll on your skin.

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Combat dryness and don’t over-cleanse as this will remove the natural oils your skin is trying to replace, leaving your skin dryer. We recommend using a milk or cream cleanser to hydrate the skin and not one that strips the skin barrier. 

Our Dermavidual cleansers replenish moisture to combat winter dryness and we can even blend bespoke cleansers for your skin. We also recommend avoiding long hot showers and baths during winter, as tempting as they are, because they will leave your skin drier.


Hydration is key for the condition of skin when it comes to winter. Central heating, coming in from the cold to the heat of the home, or office, have an effect on the skin. Now is the best time to add a serum into your routine; something that will add extra protection to your skin. A thick, nourishing moisturiser will shield the skin from the elements, and we can customise a serum to ensure it’s packed with hydrating ingredients to keep skin plump and nourished in the cold weather.

Barrier Protection

Winter winds and low temperatures can be harsh on the skin, so we recommend products rich in moisturiser with added protection to shield and prevent dryness, redness, and irritation. Our winter wardrobe of base creams has a higher lipid content which is what the skin needs and wants in the winter months. Dermaviduals base creams are formulated to mimic the skin.


Don’t forget your spf! Just because the sun isn’t out, and you can’t see or feel it on your skin, the UVA (A for ageing) penetrates deeper than the UVB (B burning rays) in the summer months. Just because temperatures are cooler, you still need to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays. It’s really important.

Bespoke Facial

Our bespoke facial treatment includes LED Light Therapy which is an excellent treatment for skin that is dry, dehydrated or feeling tight and uncomfortable.


Our winter wardrobe of products and treatments focuses on hydration and moisture and contains a much higher lipid content than our summer ranges. In addition to our bespoke serums, we are also able to add actives to moisturisers for even more hydration for the skin.

If you do have any questions about skincare and winter skincare routines, please get in touch with the Tej and Co Team. You can email the clinic on info@tejandco.co.uk or call us on 01384 824039

This article was written by skincare specialist Tej of Tej & Co. Tej & Co are experts in skincare and hair removal clinic, West Midlands. Offering safe and results-driven non-surgical skin treatments including Endymed Skin Tightening.