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Why women shouldn’t shave their face and why it starts!

We’ve all been there. It’s a bright summer morning and you’re doing your make up, when you suddenly spot a rogue hair or two on your chin or top lip. You’d never have seen it on a dark morning or if you hadn’t chosen to use that new magnifying mirror.

You swiftly pluck it out with your tweezer and get on with your day. Except next time it’s sunny you’re looking out for that rogue hair again. Before you know it you’ve spotted another one and soon you’re off buying a facial trimmer you spotted on a shopping channel or saw somebody talking about on You Tube.

It’s not a big problem, you just want to get on top of all the hairs that keep popping up on sunny mornings when you least want them to!

You can’t feel them and most of the time you forget all about them but then next time you’re on the hunt for hairs, you start wondering about the peach fuzz, that soft downy hair on the edges of your cheeks and along your hairline. Does everyone have it or are you just particularly hairy?


When hair removal becomes a habit

You might only trim or pluck your face once a fortnight, or even once a month in the beginning, but now the soft hairs are appearing more regularly and the texture is beginning to change. They feel more wiry and rather than growing against your skin, they’re starting to stick out. You can feel them when you apply cream to your face and your becoming more and more self-conscious about them.

Soon it becomes a ritual and you’re trimming almost daily to avoid anyone noticing the 5 o’clock shadow you’re sure is starting to appear. You’ve been trimming and looking for the hairs for so long it’s become a habit and now you check the mirror for facial hairs before going out. Even if no one else could possibly see them without a magnifying lamp on your face! 

Why women shouldn’t shave their face

It’s easy to see how the fixation with hair starts and how quickly it can develop into a problem. Facial hair is common for both males and females, the main difference is generally the texture and the way in which it’s treated. Until recent years facial shaving was very much for males only, but now more and more women are choosing to shave their face in an effort to get a silky smooth finish.

Over the years I have had many women come to the clinic for professional facial hair removal treatment after short term, temporary methods such as shaving, plucking, waxing and threading have begun to cause an issue. Where the hair texture has changed from soft peach fuzz to rough and bristly and the skin has become dry, red and irritated. Once the skin barrier has been compromised, irritation and redness will begin to occur in addition to the bristly hair.

Causes of facial hair 

Excess female facial hair is actually quite rare. Nearly everybody has a delicate amount of hair protecting the surface of the skin but it will be more noticeable if you use a magnifying mirror to look at it. 

If you are suffering with what might be considered an excess amount of hair, then it could result from a hormone imbalance caused by your thyroid, menopause, perimenopause, polycystic ovary syndrome or medication. 

Over the years we have helped many women with the safe and effective removal of facial hair growth to restore confidence and well-being. We have also coached clients so they can identify what is a concern and what isn’t. The more you look for them, the more hairs you spot and it becomes a vicious circle that can be hard to break. We can help manage that too.

Don’t look for facial hairs!

Peach fuzz is naturally occurring gentle, downy hair found on the face and body. For some people it will be more noticeable than for others, but once you begin looking out for hairs you will start to see more of them. It’s something I have spoken to clients about many times over the years.

If you are finding excess hair growth, including peach fuzz, distressing then please speak to a skin care expert.  I look at skin day in and day out and I am able to distinguish between all kinds of hair growth and skincare problems. 

If hair is an issue for you then I will make recommendations based upon skin type, age, hair colour, skin colour amongst many markers I analyse when creating a hair removal programme.

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