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Why are facials essential?

Is your skin ready for 2024? You rebooted your fitness routine in January, ready for a bright, shiny new year – why not your complexion?

Your skin would like a word – it feels left out. Going to the gym once in a blue moon won’t change your body (if only), so why do we expect a one-off facial to change our skin? For visible long-term results,  it’s time for skin-commitment.

Maybe you have no spots or irritation, so you think your skin is fine. But did you know that we start losing skin-plumping collagen at 25? Think of it as scaffolding – it literally holds our skin up. The ageing process seems invisible – until suddenly, it isn’t. Your therapist will look with a professional eye, addressing collagen loss before fine lines start staring you in the face.

At Tej & Co, we recommend monthly bespoke facial treatments to maintain skin health and prevent premature ageing. Not all facials are created equally – there is a massive difference between a generic relaxing facial and a bespoke treatment tailored to your skin concerns and lifestyle. 

Why are facials essential…… for skin health?

Bespoke Skincare

Stop buying skincare from a salesperson who has never seen or touched your bare face or taken a full skin history. Regular facials remove the guesswork from skin analysis and stop you from wasting money on ‘miracle’ products. Not all skincare cares for the skin. 

A salesperson can’t enhance your skin. Instead, a bespoke facial treatment allows your therapist to adjust your skincare routine to the changing seasons, stress levels or environment. Skincare should never take a one-size-fits-all approach because everyone’s skin is unique, like a fingerprint. It is a partnership: we only see your skin for 1 hour per month; you see your skin every day. Think of us as the skin-gym; you must follow a healthy eating plan at home! 

At Tej & Co, we recommend a wardrobe of Dermaviduals products to maintain your skin barrier and maximise the results of your treatments – after all, you don’t wear the same pair of shoes all year round. Dermaviduals take an outside-in approach to healing your skin, and we don’t custom blend your serum and cream until we have seen your skin.

bespoke facial

Results vs relaxation

Our skin is a living organ and always talking to us, but it can get lost in translation if you misdiagnose it on Google. Your therapist realises that spots, irritation or dry patches are the symptom of a skin concern, not the cause – your skin is just the site of the response. You might think you have acne or rosacea, but you might just have problem skin.

At Tej & Co, we understand the importance of skin confidence and are highly experienced in treating skin concerns. Unlike generic facials, our bespoke corrective facial treatments are priced by time – we don’t know what we’ll do until we see and touch your skin. Then, we will choose from a list of skin cell health technologies and potent actives to age-proof your skin and address skin concerns. 

Why are facials essential….. to spot skincare concerns

Monthly check-in to maximise cell turnover

Why do we need to see you every month? Your skin would like a monthly maintenance treatment to maximise 28-day cell turnover, which slows with age, making our skin dull and flat. 

Think of it as a monthly check-in. While you are relaxing, your super-sleuthing therapist is problem-solving and helping you build strong, resilient skin that withstands life. Skin concerns like acne, pigmentation and sensitivity have developed over many years; a one-off relaxing treat can’t reverse that. 


Why are facials essential…… to future-proof your skin


Let’s stimulate collagen. 

It’s time to take back control of the ageing process. While skincare products protect your barrier from the elements, your skin needs clinically proven technology to bank collagen and slow premature ageing. 

We educate our clients that it is much easier to stimulate collagen from the inside out rather than drying out the surface with peels, acids, and retinol. But home-use devices don’t pack the same collagen-boosting punch as our medically approved machines that give clinical results – they’re not in the same league. We can treat even the most challenging skin conditions, so let’s start banking. 

 Follow our skincare advice for life! Your complexion and bank balance will thank you for it.

Let’s start with a bespoke skin consultation.

Once a therapist has taken a full skin history, they can devise a bespoke facial plan and skincare routine to age-proof your skin. Prevention is better than cure and cheaper – healthy skin will age much more slowly. Think of the money you will save on Botox!

Your future skin will thank you.

This article was written by skincare specialist Tej of Tej & Co. Tej & Co are experts in skincare and hair removal clinic, West Midlands. Offering safe and results-driven non-surgical skin treatments including Endymed Skin Tightening.