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Winter is the best time to begin your laser hair removal journey and here’s why….

If you’ve ever wished, you could go on holiday without taking a razor or get ready for a special event without

worrying about excess hair then please read on.

There’s something reassuring when you don’t have to think about unwanted hair. We seem to plan so much of our lives around what we’re wearing if our legs will be out, if we need a tan, if it’s too hot for tights. The decisions can feel endless especially during the summer months when the unpredictable British weather means we often get caught out.

If you don’t feel confident in what you’re wearing it can affect everything and this often centres around stubborn leg hair or underarm hair which can leave you feeling less than confident if it hasn’t been removed fully.

When it comes to dark hair there’s nothing else quite as effective as laser hair removal. Not only does it lead to a long-term reduction in hair, but it also has a number of benefits which make it one of our most popular winter treatments.


Dark hair

Laser hair removal is the best hair removal treatment for people with dark brown or black hair and is particularly effective for removing hair from the legs, underarm, top lip and back. 

In fact, we can schedule treatment programmes so that by the time we reach springtime and the brighter weather, you will be hair-free and ready to party – or go out, spend time at the beach, take part in your favourite sport, or any other fun activity.

Less pain

Laser hair removal isn’t totally pain-free but many of our clients say it is one of the most pain-free hair removal methods they have tried with some even saying it is less painful than waxing! 

No extra growth required

Not only is laser hair removal less painful than other hair removal methods, but it is also very convenient. You don’t have to grow hair prior to beginning a course which is what puts many people off starting a hair removal programme. It can be difficult to find the right time to let hair grow, particularly if you have a busy social life or sporting commitments. With laser hair removal, no growth is required.

The best equipment

As with all the equipment we use in the clinic, our Lynton laser hair removal machines are medical grade and endorsed, and used by the NHS, researched at Manchester University and have been in use since 1994. This makes Lynton lasers one of the most trusted and established brands on the market.

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“Unbelievable”, “Confidence-boosting”, “life-changing” are some of the comments we’ve received from clients over the years. Take a look at some of our Google reviews and read for yourself. This treatment can increase confidence like nothing else, we underestimate how much time is spent shaving, plucking, or waxing and often the results are very short-lived. Laser can change all of that.

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This article was written by skincare specialist Tej of Tej & Co. Tej & Co are experts in skincare and hair removal clinic, West Midlands. Offering safe and results-driven non-surgical skin treatments including Endymed Skin Tightening.