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Skincare advice for life

In a time when skincare is big news and the sheer number of actives, cleansers, glycols, retinols, and acids can make it difficult to know where to start. Often it can feel like you need a degree in chemistry and that’s just before you’ve done your morning cleanse!

Skincare doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, it often becomes far more complicated than it needs to be and that can lead to a whole host of different problems, damaged skin barriers being top of the list.

We advocate a simple, straightforward, and effective routine and are getting excellent results with our clients. You don’t need multiple products, excessive cleansing routines, exfoliations, and peels to have great skin. In fact, we don’t have skin peels on our clinic menu at all as we don’t believe they’re an effective treatment for skin. Mother nature knows best, and she has a natural process of replacing skin cells when they are ready to be removed naturally. 

Follow our skincare advice, and you won’t go wrong. Keep things simple, and your skin will thank you for it!

Don’t compare your skin or skincare routine to your friends. Skin is as unique as your fingerprint so what works for one person almost definitely won’t work for you. Don’t fall into the comparison trap. Your skin will thank you for it!


Do NOT pick and squeeze it will only make your skin red and sore and can sometimes scar the delicate outer layers of the epidermis. If the skin remains swollen and lumpy it’s because it’s traumatised. I’ll repeat again, don’t pick, or squeeze your skin. Ever.

Cleanse before bed even if you don’t wear make-up. Pollution, dust, and germs all collect on the outer layers of the skin and need to be removed at bedtime. This way you will have clean, healthy skin for bed and won’t be adding dust, germs, and pollution to your pillow while you sleep

Do NOT use make-up wipes. They are full of ingredients that don’t care for the skin and though they can be tempting when you’re tired, have a new baby, are on holiday, they really aren’t a good option for the skin. In addition, many wipes are thick and difficult to dispose of. They clog up pipes, waterways and end up at landfill – where they don’t disintegrate very easily either!

Use a moisturiser even if you have oily skin and even if you really don’t think you need one. We all need hydration and protection on our skin, especially as we age and especially as the seasons change.

Don’t forget your neck. Cleansers, serums, moisturisers, and sun protection products should all be used on your face, neck, and chest. The skin in these areas is thinner than on other areas of the body and more susceptible to damage. Often the neck and chest are forgotten about so we’re here to remind you they need love too!

Wear sunscreen every day, even if it’s cloudy and even if you tan easily. The sun rays is harmful and aging to the skin, a high SPF used daily will ensure your skin is protected.

Do NOT exfoliate every day once a week is ample. Removing skin cells before they are naturally ready to go can damage the skin barrier which brings with it a whole load of other problems.

Use an eye cream. The eye area is delicate, so we always recommend using a product that is specifically formulated to target the eyes. Your moisturiser will be too heavy and may cause spots and irritation.

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You don’t need a chemistry degree – and that new beauty blog shouldn’t be used to diagnose your skin type. A professional diagnosis with an expert skin therapist is the best way to get advice for your skin type. The internet can be a minefield and the sheer number of products available on the market can make it even harder to find the right products for you. Retinols won’t work for everyone and actually sometimes do more harm than good. Speaking to a skincare professional will give you the confidence to manage your own daily skincare routine without the fear of making the wrong decision or using products that don’t suit your skin.

 Follow our skincare advice for life! Your complexion and bank balance will thank you for it.

This article was written by skincare specialist Tej of Tej & Co. Tej & Co are experts in skincare and hair removal clinic, West Midlands. Offering safe and results-driven non-surgical skin treatments including Endymed Skin Tightening.