Two x RF Skin Tightening Treatments

On Two Areas (Neck, Jaws or Cheeks)

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Introducing EndyMed Skin Tightening

We’ve all been there. You look in the mirror and think: where did those few extra wrinkles come from? Why do I look so tired? Why are all those expensive lotions and potions not really doing… anything? It’s easy to get disheartened, but Tej & Co can help – thanks to a natural and effective way to reduce the signs of ageing, without resorting to Botox or fillers.

EndyMed is a safe, multi-award-winning and clinically proven way to lift, firm and tighten dropped facial contours. Completely painless and suitable for men and women of all skin types, EndyMed stimulates your body’s collagen and elastin to help reduce fine lines and deliver natural, long-lasting looks that’ll leave you feeling great.

Your Voucher for £99 will include...

  • Free Consultation
  • Two Endymed Skin Tightening treatments on two areas (choose between jaws, cheeks and neck).
  • FREE Heliocare SPF Cream

Why are we offering 70% off?

We would love people to try this treatment and see the great benefits it offers. Offering 70% off this treatment is a great no-risk opportunity to try this treatment without committing to a range of treatments.

We also arrange a  consultation to ensure that this treatment is right for you, before you even spend a penny. 

We use EndyMed on areas around the eyes, cheeks, neck and jawline. As our we age, fibroblasts – the clever cells that produce the collagen and elastin that keep our skin firm – naturally start to slow down.

It uses the most advanced form of radio frequency technology called 3DEEP Skin Science, which heats up and stimulates the body’s fibroblast cells so they produce new collagen. The heat also causes existing collagen to contract, and triggers natural rejuvenating processes that improve your skin’s structure and hydration.

It’s also a medical-graded device, endorsed by doctors, dermatologists and medical practitioners worldwide, so it’s results are supported by years of research.

What makes this treatment so popular is that it’s a kinder, more convenient alternative to treatments such as micro-needling. And because it doesn’t involve Botox or surgery, it’s pain-free, less invasive and has an almost immediate effect, with virtually no recovery time.

At your appointment, our friendly, expert therapists will guide you through the treatment process in detail, but as a guide it involves:

1. Carefully cleansing the areas to be treated and applying a gel.
2. Gently gliding the wand – like an ultrasound scanner – across the skin, creating a sensation like a hot stone massage.
3. Increasing your skin’s temperature to the effective level.
4. Passing the wand over the treatment areas a set number of times.
5. Cleaning off the gel and applying moisturiser and sunscreen to hydrate and protect your newly treated skin.

An EndyMed tightening treatment session for one area typically takes around 30 minutes. At your consultation we’ll discuss if EndyMed is the most suitable treatment for you. If it is, we’ll put together a bespoke plan, tell you what to expect pre- and post-treatment and answer any questions you may have.

Most people see an immediate improvement during the initial treatment period, with full results visible after three months.

These can include:

• Tighter, lifted skin
• Fresher tone
• Fewer lines and wrinkles
• Increased collagen production
• Healthier-looking complexion
• Firmer skin around your eyes, cheeks, jawline and neck

If you’re fed up, frustrated and feeling like you’re fighting a losing battle when it comes to the signs of ageing, look no further, EndyMed is the perfect treatment choice. In general, This tightening treatment is suitable for both men and women of any age and is highly effective on all skin types. It can be used to help prevent ageing, as well as being used as a correctional treatment. In short, it’s ideal if you want to look younger than your actual age!

The Proof

Endymed is state of the art radiofrequency designed to help tighten, contour and firm the skin by delivering heat deep into the dermal layers of skin creating stimulation of fibroblast cells and fresh new collagen. A medical graded device endorsed by medical professionals.

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Why Try EndyMed Skin Tightening?

We get it. Facial lines & wrinkles, loss of skin firmness can make you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious but you don’t want to resort to Botox or fillers. We have the perfect solution for you to step out with confidence with our EndyMed Skin Tightening treatment. Whether you want to look your best for a special occasion or just want to feel and look younger every day, EndyMed is the pain-free, non-invasive, medically proven way to help lift, firm and tighten your skin for a happier, more confident you!

EndyMed can help if you have:

For a limited time we are offering TWO Endymed skin tightening treatments across TWO areas for only £99.

Plus, we'll even give you a free Heliocare SPF.

This is a total value of £330, saving you 70%.

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Pay directly at our Stourbridge clinic. No online payment required.


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(we only have a limited number of vouchers)