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We always talk about the importance of skincare and a good routine and this month it’s time for the men.

We work with all clients regardless of gender and this has always been the case since we first opened the clinic 20 years ago. Here are some of the facts about male skincare and why it’s important for men to be thinking about their skincare regime too.

men’s skin tends to be oilier.

Male skin tends to produce more sebum or oil which means they naturally have a higher moisture level than women. Ever heard a comment about how well men seem to age? Me too and it’s all down to that extra moisture! But the downside of this is that excess oil can lead to enlarged pores and of course skin breakouts. Which get worse if they are picked and scraped at.

Male skin also contains more collagen which gives it a tighter, firmer appearance and when levels begin to deplete it is at a much slower and consistent rate. They are aging, it’s just at a slow and steady rate which is far less noticeable. For females, collagen tends to deplete at a slower rate initially but is impacted by hormone levels such as those during the menopause which can cause sudden drops in collagen.

Besides oil and the obvious facial hair there are several structural differences between male and female skin. The male hormone testosterone causes men to have a thicker skin; did you know men’s skin is actually 25% thicker in texture than women’s skin?

The ideal Men’s Skincare routine


Let’s face it, many men don’t cleanse their skin in the morning or the evening. Most will just give their skin a quick wash while they shower in the morning and off they go for the day.

Sometimes washing with a shampoo or shower gel rather than a separate facial wash which is too harsh and is aimed at the body and not the delicate skin and PH balance of the face. Eventually by using the wrong products combined with hot shower water will really deplete moisture levels in the skin and lead to a damaged barrier. Which brings with it a whole host of further problems.

A good cleansing routine should form the foundation of the day and this means for men and women. Not only is it good to get your skin into a routine of being cleaned and cleansed, it’s also healthier too. In the same way our body rests and rejuvenates during the night so too does our skin. Skin cells will shed and any dirt and grime embed itself into the skin when it’s not washed and removed properly at bedtime. 

A double cleanse at the end of the day will remove the dirt and grime of the day and then the second cleanse provides a good base to go to bed with. In the morning just one cleanse is required as your skin has rested during the night.


Once you’ve cleansed we recommend a gentle serum which will address any specific skin concerns and can be sealed in using a moisturiser. The serum is the magic potion of goodness and nutrients which will really nourish and care for your skin and get it into the bed condition it can be.

At the clinic we can create a bespoke prescriptive serum for individual skin concerns, just contact the clinic to book a consultation. 


To keep skin soft and supple especially with the daily shaving we recommend applying a moisturiser morning and evening.

We have a range of Derma Membrane Structure (DMS) base creams that are chemically and physically formulated similar to the membrane structure of the skin. It mimics the structure of the skin while hydrating and protecting all skin types.


We always recommend a separate sunscreen for maximum protection in the sun. A good sunscreen protects the skin’s natural barrier and offer a sun protection filter against UVA and UVB radiation. It should be used 365 days a year even on dull cloudy days when the UVA ageing rays are present and exposure – and damage are most likely!

Alcohol and skin

We won’t be worrying too much about harsh sun rays at this time of year – though perhaps if you’re off for some winter sun or even to the ski slopes, but during the winter season generally the biggest culprit to skin is alcohol. Not only does it dry your skin out, it also contributes to lower quality sleep and also dehydration. 

We’re not saying don’t party, but if you do have some big nights out planned over the festive period make sure you schedule in some time to catch up on sleep after, stay hydrated with plenty of water and if you haven’t been using any specific skincare products we recommend investing in a cleanser, a serum and a moisturiser. Class these as men’s skincare essentials.

To find out more about men’s skincare, skincare consultations or the specially formulated skincare products we sell at Tej & Co Stourbridge please contact the clinic here

This article was written by skincare specialist Tej of Tej & Co. Tej & Co are experts in skincare and hair removal clinic, West Midlands. Offering safe and results-driven non-surgical skin treatments including Endymed Skin Tightening.