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We often talk about changing over our wardrobes when the weather changes but did you know, in the same way, you review your wardrobe you should also look at your winter skincare routine?

It makes sense when you think about it. The hot summer weather opens your pores, adds additional moisture to the skin – sometimes a little too much, which means some of us can become more prone to break-outs and spots. Those with drier skin types often breathe a sigh of relief at the return of the well needed ‘summer glow’ and others find it more of a challenging time. We’re all so different.

This is where corneotherapy comes in. It’s the gold standard methodology behind all of the facial treatments carried out at Tej & Co. It works on the principle of caring and nourishing the skin. It’s an incredibly gentle approach and ideal for reactive skin types as well as anybody who has an interest in achieving and maintaining the best version of their own skin type.

Above all else, Corneotherapy treats the deeper levels of the skin. It looks at the cause of any skin problems and not just the immediate effects. This is the reason it’s such an effective process and why we use it to guide all of our clinical facial treatments.

Sunshine & The Skin Barrier

It goes without saying that regardless of skin type, the summer sunshine, which we often don’t see as much as we’d like to see in the UK, can wreak havoc on the natural skin barrier. If your skin is exposed to too much sun, or even more sunshine than it is used to it can cause all kinds of issues from extreme dryness through to excess moisture and even acne breakouts.

This is why we’re so passionate about the changes in the seasons and the importance of updating your make up bag and your skincare drawer! In the same way you ditch the swimwear and the strappy tops in autumn, you should also consider what winter skincare routine you’re using and how it can be updated to reflect the season.

Trans epidermal water loss or TEWL is a common condition as summer comes to a close and skin is lacking the normal amount of natural moisture. It can feel parched and tight especially if you’re 40 or over and have the added influence of hormonal changes too.

A simple skincare switch can make all the difference though and if balanced correctly can ensure your skin stays in tip top condition throughout the year.

Post Summer Skincare Essentials — Winter Skincare Routine

We have test driven many products through the years but there are only a few that make it to our recommended list. We aren’t swayed by fragrance, fancy packaging or big brand names. We work with the products we feel make the biggest difference to your skin and will enable it to look and feel the best it can be. 

Using the principles of Corneotherapy as the guiding principle behind all treatments we carry out, we will get to know you and your skin. We won’t recommend any harsh treatments or anything which could risk affecting the barrier of the skin which is an essential component of any great skin. We have to protect the barrier and the rest will flow naturally – with a little bit of seasonal support.

Skincare Inside & Out

Skin supplements are a great addition to your regular routine as they will reach every skin cell in a way a topically applied cream can’t.
The two can work in harmony together to ensure your skin is nourished in the best way possible. We are stockists of Advance Nutrition Programme supplements.

In addition, we carry a comprehensive range of excellent Dermavidual skincare products including a totally bespoke product range that can be tailored exactly to your skin.

To find out more about Corneotherapy and seasonal skincare support please get in touch with the clinic

This article was written by skincare specialist Tej of Tej & Co. Tej & Co are experts in skincare and hair removal clinic, West Midlands. Offering safe and results-driven non-surgical skin treatments including Endymed Skin Tightening.