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Benefits of LED Light Therapy and how it can help your skin this winter

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LED Light Therapy is one of our favourite treatments for the skin. Not only is it incredibly gentle on the skin, but it’s also very effective and brings real benefits to the face, particularly during wintertime.

The skin barrier is a big priority to us at the clinic, and this treatment aims to rejuvenate and restore the skin, which means it’s a popular treatment choice.

Don’t underestimate the power of light. LED light therapy is an amazing treatment that can give incredible results for many skin concerns, such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and even pain relief. There is no contact with the skin it’s safe and results driven.

So, if you’re wondering whether LED light therapy is for you, then please read on. I will explain some of the benefits of this wonderful, feel-good treatment. 

What is LED Phototherapy?

LED Phototherapy is a painless, non-invasive treatment for the skin and is particularly effective for the face. LED light therapy uses phonton energy to regenerate skin cells and improve the condition of the skin. A combination of red, blue, and near-infrared lights can be used depending on the individual requirements of the skin.

LED Phototherapy is based on the principle that living cells can be influenced and absorbed by light just like leaves and plants in our garden. In a similar way to plants, which absorb energy via light and undergo a process of photosynthesis, light fuels a range of biological processes within the human body and its function.

Wavelengths of light can stimulate different responses in the skin. UV light can be damaging but controlled levels of red, blue and NIR are clinically proven to be beneficial.

The wavelengths of light energise our skin cells so they can function better and regenerate up to 200% faster, which in turn leads to a more youthful, healthy, and radiant complexion. 

Similar to a battery in a mobile phone or remote-controlled car; when the battery is fully charged it will go faster and perform well, but if the battery is low it will move, but not as quickly and it won’t manage any lumps and bumps in the road in the same way.

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Our skin cells consist of mitochondria which help produce proteins such as collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins. When the battery charged aka the mitochondria is working at its optimal rate, a healthy cell will produce more protein for healthy skin. This can help with increased hydration, calm redness, and reduce bacterial infections with acne skin.

LED Phototherapy has long been recognised for its regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties.

How does LED light therapy help the skin?

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LED light therapy has a number of benefits to the skin, including reducing inflammation, regenerating skin cells, improving acne, eczema, and rosacea, and even healing wounds. 

Blue light triggers a process called photochemical oxidation, which reduces bacteria in the skin, making it a highly effective treatment for acne, rosacea, and eczema.

Red light stimulates cell renewal and encourages regeneration, meaning it’s a great treatment for anti-ageing and working on the texture and condition of the skin.

Near-infrared light has no colour but works at a deep level, reducing inflammation and redness in the skin. It’s a fantastic option for reducing pigmentation in the skin and healing wounds and scarring.

LED Light Therapy has even been trialled by NASA, who have conducted several studies into the use of LED Light Therapy for wound healing in cancer patients!

What types of skin benefit most from LED Light Therapy?

LED Light Therapy is an excellent treatment for many of our clients. Whether you are struggling with acne or rosacea, skin texture, pigmentation or fine lines, the rejuvenating effects from LED light Therapy can be experienced by everyone. 

We can’t get enough of this treatment! It’s safe, medically approved and highly effective. What’s not to love?

What does LED Light Therapy feel like?

LED Light Therapy is completely painless and actually pretty relaxing. We place the LED panels a few inches away from the face alongside some eye protection as the lights can feel quite bright initially. We treat the skin for about 20 minutes and most patients comment that it feels warm and relaxing like a beautiful summer’s day!

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How is LED light therapy at the clinic different to the at-home devices you can buy?

There are many devices on the market, and it can be difficult to choose the right one. A low-cost at at-home device is very tempting, but while LED is beneficial to the skin, the wrong LED device could be harmful to the skin, too. 

In the clinic, we use unique, cutting-edge technology provided by Dermalux. Dermalux LED devices use a unique technology, which makes them the most advanced systems on the market. The Dermalux MD range are Medically CE-certified for acne, psoriasis, wound healing, and even musculoskeletal pain relief. The range is FDA-approved, and it is the only LED system in the World which is medically approved for use for psoriasis.

Our LED Light Therapy systems bring real results to real skin issues.

Why did we choose Dermalux?

When choosing our in-clinic LED device, the most important factor was that the LED needed to generate enough energy to produce the right wavelengths to produce the best results. The Dermalux LED device has a fan system installed to keep the skin cool while energising the mitochondria or skin cells.

We chose Dermalux not only because it has an in-built fan system, it also uses single wavelength bulbs rather than multiple wavelength bulbs, which can make the device less effective. 

Results from independent testing have shown Dermalux to be three times more powerful than other devices on the market, meaning we can treat far more challenging skin conditions and get quicker results with fewersessions required. It was an easy choice for us to go with Dermalux.

Youve tried the rest now try the best

Let’s get your skin back on track.

This article was written by skincare specialist Tej of Tej & Co. Tej & Co are experts in skincare and hair removal clinic, West Midlands. Offering safe and results-driven non-surgical skin treatments including Endymed Skin Tightening.