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A guys guide to skincare is something I have wanted to create for a while.

Tej and Co Stourbridge has always been a unisex clinic, ever since we first opened our doors 20 years ago. We have always treated all genders and this remains a fundamental part of our ethos — male skincare is no exception.

We all want good skin, right?

When it comes to male skincare, there are subtle differences that mean male skin needs to be treated in a slightly different way. A large percentage of men shave on a daily basis, which in itself means skin is being exfoliated very regularly. It also means that if your skin is on the more sensitive side, it will be affected by the shaving process. There is no getting away from that fact. Hyperpigmentation can occur anywhere on the body and at varying degrees. Sometimes it will present itself as small age spots or darker patches on the skin. Other times it will cover much larger areas of the skin surface and even appear on the face.

In this male skincare blog post we will be taking about:


Ingrowing hairs

Skin irritation

The skin barrier

Spots, cysts and lumps

Mens Skin

Is daily shaving taking its toll on your skin? 

Shaving is a necessary part of most regular routines for men; unless you prefer the bearded look, and even then a certain level of grooming will still be required. Shaving is an effective way of removing facial hair for men.

Shaving removes hair from the face, but in doing this it will also be removing the top layers of the skin or epidermis. While some skin can tolerate this process, others will find that it causes sensitivity, ingrown hairs or even spots and cysts.

Male skin is thicker than female skin. This is due to a combination of factors including genetics and also hormonal influences. While female skin can be affected by hormone fluctuations, male skin isn’t like this. Men have less hormones floating around the body, or more specifically, the hormones they do have, remain at a more static level. They don’t have monthly cycles, pregnancy, peri-menopause and menopause to contend with for a start.

But this doesn’t mean men are immune to the effects of abrasive treatments, lack of skincare routine or of course daily shaving.

In grown hairs can be common with shaving and are the result of the skin becoming thicker and preventing the hair follicle from penetrating the skin. This can cause soreness and irritation, and even lead to cysts if sebum and bacteria develop. 

A simple way of reducing the likelihood of in grown hairs is through regular cleansing and gentle exfoliation. Often the men we see in the clinic haven’t been doing this and when they do start to maintain a skincare routine, they are able to begin to combat the problem.

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Skin irritation

Skin irritation can be caused by ingrown hairs, but the main factor affecting skin is damage to the skin barrier. This means skin becomes more reactive, so even with products you may have used in the past without issue, begin to irritate the skin. It can easily become a vicious cycle.

The skin barrier

You will hear me talking about the skin barrier a lot. The skin barrier is the first line of defence, protection of the skin and if we can reinforce it, then the rest of the skin will respond accordingly. If the skin barrier is damaged, it can be very difficult to maintain a good complexion, and spots, dry patches, and redness become more common, despite the number of products or treatments you are having.

Spots, cysts and lumps

One of the main causes of spots, cysts and lumps that we see in the clinic are as a result of a damaged skin barrier. Whether this is through shaving, through general sensitivity or due to excess sebum in the skin, shaving can cause the skin barrier to become compromised, which leads to pathogens and allergens entering the skin. This upsets the PH balance and can lead to in grown hairs, which causes spots or lumps to develop and sometimes scarring can occur.

It’s actually a very common condition we see amongst our male clients. Spots are a symptom of a damaged skin barrier. The good news is that once the skin barrier is restored, ingrown hairs are far less likely to occur! 

Next steps

We offer a number of products and treatments in the clinic which are bespoke to the client and target the repair of the skin barrier after shaving. Even the most robust skin will find that over time, shaving does leave its mark in some way, and while it remains a hugely effective treatment for male facial hair, it is important that they don’t neglect their skin by skipping their skincare routine.

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