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Waxing is one of our specialities so we wanted to share the 4 reasons you should stop shaving and start waxing.

People tend to worry a bit about waxing but it doesn’t have to be painful, in fact many of our clients will only have waxing treatments at Tej & Co Stourbridge – with some travelling many miles to get to us. Some of our clients even plan their family trips to England to coincide with their waxing appointments at the clinic!

We’re passionate about hair and skin and work hard to ensure all of our clients leave the clinic with smooth hair-free skin. Once you swap shaving for waxing you won’t look back – we promise. We offer a fantastic, super friendly service so you will be in very safe hands alongside our many satisfied waxing customers. Many have been coming to us since we opened in 2002!

4 reasons you should stop shaving and start waxing with Tej & Co

    1. Friendly waxing

    We’re a friendly and welcoming bunch and really get to know our clients well. It means when you set foot in the clinic you’ll immediately feel relaxed and at home. You’d be amazed at how effective a good conversation is when it comes to reducing the anxiety and fear about waxing. 

    2. Fast waxing

    With a team of experienced staff who perform waxing treatments on a daily basis it goes without saying that we’re fast and efficient waxing experts. We pride ourselves on removing just the right amount of hair in the most comfortable way possible and leaving behind only hair free smooth skin.

    3. Finest products

    We’ve tried and tested many products over the years and only invest in the finest quality products with the best ingredients. Outbacks Organic is a gentle wax which is free from synthetic colouring and fragrances, parabens and harsh ingredients. If your skin is on the sensitive side we use our eucalyptus strip wax which contains antiseptic properties which helps to reduce the risk of blocked pores and calms the skin after waxing. 

    4. Fast drying wax

    For intimate waxing we use Opal Peelable Hot Wax which peels off the hair without the need for fabric strips. It has a very low melting point and is fast drying so doesn’t feel hot on the skin. It’s been designed with comfort in mind and gives virtually no skin pull which is perfect for people who are new to waxing. Outbacks Organic Waxes are very effective and the best wax for legs, underarms and bikini line including Hollywood, Brazilian or High leg waxing.

    Facts about waxing

    For waxing to be effective you need at least 4 to 6 treatments over a consistent period of time. 

    You should prep your skin before your wax by moisturising after you shower and exfoliating regularly. To minimise the risk of ingrowing hairs you should exfoliate with a good, gritty exfoliator three or four days before your waxing appointment.

    Aftercare is important after your first wax but it’s still quite common for some irritation to occur. Slight soreness, small bumps and redness usually subside within 24-48 hours and we recommend you avoid saunas, hot tubs, and vigorous exercise including swimming during this time.

    Homecare Products

    Bush Balm has a cult following and is a must have product to use after intimate waxing as it instantly soothes delicate areas such as bikini or underarms. It’s a vegan friendly product which is intensively moisturising and excellent for calming skin and reducing any irritation.

    Post wax spray cools and calms the skin after waxing and it very popular with our male clients who use it after back waxes.

    Stop shaving and start waxing in Stourbridge at Tej & Co 

    To find out more about waxing or to speak to the team about how we can help you please visit our waxing page https://www.tejandco.co.uk/waxing/ or give us a call on Stourbridge 01384 824039

    This article was written by skincare specialist Tej of Tej & Co. Tej & Co are experts in skincare and hair removal clinic, West Midlands. Offering safe and results-driven non-surgical skin treatments including Endymed Skin Tightening.