Hair Removal

Effective hair removal means feeling confident every day without the worry of unwanted hair – and at Tej & Co we specialise in hair removal. We know that having smooth, hair free skin – whether you show it off or keep it under wraps – is important.

We help women with underlying causes of hair growth such as thyroid problems, problems at all stages of the menopause or with hormonal imbalances such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). We can help men achieve that coveted, groomed look. And we’re experienced in helping transgender clients seeking to remove hair from all areas of the body.

You’ll always find a warm and professional welcome, so you can rest easy as we get rid of unwanted hair from top to toe, using the very latest technology combined with our tried and trusted methods tailored for your specific hair and skin type:

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Hair Removal By Laser
Hair Removal
By Laser
Him Her
Hair Removal By Epil Pro
Epil Pro
Hair Removal By Electrolysis
Him Her
Hair Removal By Wax
Him Her
Hair V Go
Hair V Go
Him Her
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Laser Hair Removal Price List

For Her

Treatment Area Cost Per session
Lip or Tip of Chin 55
Lip & Chin 70
Lip, Chin & Across jaw line 95
Cheeks, Lip, chin & Jawline 120
Full face – inc Neck 150
Hands & Fingers 60
Under Arms 85
Arms half 100
Full Arms 160
Around Nipple Area 50
Navil centre line 65
Stomach 80
Bikini Std 95
Bikini Ext 120
Crack & Bum Cheeks 90
Brazilian – incl buttocks 130
Hollywood – inc buttocks 145
Bridge of Feet & Toes 65
Lower Legs – inc knees 195
Inner Thighs only 120
Legs full 275
Combination Areas
Lower Leg & Std Bikini 230
Lower Leg & Ext Bikini 250
Full Leg & Std Bikini 300
Full Leg & Ext Bikini 320
U/arms & Std Bikini 145

Patch test required 24 hours prior to treatment £20
20% off course of 6 treatments

For Him

Treatment Area Cost Per session
Mono Brow / Earlobes50
Cheeks above shave line65
Neck - Front or Back80
Neck - Front and Back130
Beard Area150
Beard Area - inc Neck165
Hands & Fingers75
Under Arms95
Arms half130
Arms full150
Back upper & shoulders150
Back -above belt line80
Back exc shoulders200
Back - inc shoulders250
Chests or Stomach140
Chest & Stomach200
Torso front & back380
Buttocks Centre Line100
Buttock Centre Line & Cheeks130
Groin, Scrotum & Penis150
Brazilian - incl buttocks180
Hollywood - inc buttocks195
Feet & Toes75
Legs lower - inc knees & Toes230
Legs full330
Combination Areas
Torso & Underarms380
Torso & Full arms420
Full Legs & Underarms340
Beard & Full Back inc shoulders330
Back inc Sh's & U/arms270
Back inc Sh's & Half Arms300
Back inc Sh's & Full Arms320

*20% Discount applied on 2 areas treated

Epil Pro

First 5 mins£10
5 - 8 mins£13
10 mins£15
15 mins£20

Epil Pro with Electrolysis

First 5 mins£13
10 mins£18
15 mins£25


First 5 mins£8
5 - 10 mins£13
15 mins18
20 mins£25

Electrolysis with Epil Pro

First 5 mins£13
10 mins£18
15 mins£25

Electrolysis with Apilus

10 mins£20
15 mins£28.50
20 mins£37.00
25 mins£45.00
30 mins£52.50
1 hour£99
10% off for transgender clients on 1 hour blocks

We operate a flexible pricing structure, meaning that you are always charged fairly according to how much hair you have and how much you want removed. Prices are reduced for partial hair growth.

Waxing For Her*

Under Arms£9.00
Bikini & Under Arms£15.00
High Bikini£15.00
Half arm£12.00
Full Arm£18.00
Half Leg£18.00
Three Quarter Leg£20.00
Full Leg£25.00

*10% off for payment of 3 treatments in advance

Waxing for her packages

Half Leg & Bikini£24.00
Half Leg, Bikini & Under Arms£32.00
Three Quarter Leg & Bikini£26.00
Three Quarter Leg, Bikini & Under Arms£35.00
Three Quarter Leg, Bikini, Under Arms & Half Arms£44.00
Full Leg & Bikini£30.00
Full Leg, Bikini & Under Arms£38.00
Full Leg, Bikini, Under Arms & half Arms£55.00
Brazilian - Leaving shape£35.00
Brazilian 1/2 leg£45.00
Brazilian 3/4 leg£47.00
Brazilian & Full leg£50.00
Removal of all pubic hair£35.00
Hollywood 1/2 leg£45.00
Hollywood 3/4 leg£47.00
Hollywood & Full leg£50.00

Intimate Waxing

Anus Only£15.00
Anus & Buttock Cheeks£20.00
High sides, Top, Anus & Buttock Cheeks£25.00

*10% off for payment of 3 treatments in advance

Waxing For Him*

Chest£15 – £25
Stomach£15 – £25
Full Back£20 – £25
Full Back & Shoulders£20 – £30
Full Back, Shoulders & Half Arms£28 – £38
Chest & Stomach£25 – £35
Half Arms including Hands£10 – £20
Full Arms including Hands£20 – £30
Under Arms£10 – £15
Half Legs£20 – £30
Full Legs£30 – £40
Full Back, Shoulders, Chest & Stomach (Torso)£45 – £55
Buttock Cheeks£10 – £15

Intimate Waxing

Crack only£20
Buttocks Cheeks & Crack£20
Groin, Scrotum, Penis & pubic Hair£40 - £50
Brazilian – (Back, Sack & Crack)£35
The Hollywood£35

*10% off for payment of 3 waxing treatments in advance.

For Him intimate waxing packages

Brazilian & Legs£80 - £95
Full Body with out Brazilian£100 - £130
Full Body with Brazilian£140 – £180

*10% off for payment of 3 waxing treatments in advance.

Hair V Go - alkaline hair removal treatment

Upper Lip£35
Lip Chin & Neck£50
Cheeks (including sideburns)£50
Lip Chin Neck & across jawline£60
Full Face£75
15% off course of 3 treatments
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