An exciting new treatment delivering advanced 4 in 1 total skin rejuvenation!

  1. Microdermabrasion
  2. Microneedling
  3. Deep Tissue Serum Infusion
  4. LED Light Therapy

What is DermaFrac?

DermaFrac is the latest advancement in Microneedling using 180 super fine needles to stimulate collagen production and cell renewal helping to plum, firm and smooth the skin.

How does the DermaFrac Work?

A crystal free microdermabrasion is performed to clear any dead skin cells, deep cleanse and prepare the face for the next stage. Then a precision controlled roller containing superfine needles rolls across the skin under a vacuum creating micro channels in the skin. The DermaFrac system simultaneously enables the delivery and maximised infusion of a potent serum to boost the impact of the needling treatment designed for your particular skin concerns. This may be followed by an optional LED light therapy.

What does the LED light therapy do?

The final part of the dermaFrac treatment is an optional LED light therapy session. The light therapy promotes collagen stimulation, suppression inflammation and reduce irritation.

What can DermaFrac treat?

  • Ageing skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Brown spots and pigmentation
  • Open pores and congested skin
  • Acne and acne scarring

How will DermaFrac help my skin?

DermaFrac will promote collagen production and cell renewal giving your skin a healthier, smoother and altogether fresher appearance. It will also target pigmentation and sun damage as well as uneven texture. As a single treatment it provides a fantastic boost in advance of a special occasion and significant results should be seen when a course of 6 treatments are undertaken spaced 2 weeks apart.

Down time and after care

There are no side effects and no recovery time is required. Mild redness may occur for a couple of hours post treatment but generally the skin is smooth and glowing immediately after treatment. Colourscience Mineral makeup may be worn and an Epionce SPF50 is available.

Growth Factor serum in conjunction with DermaFrac

A potent blend of growth factor peptides and vitamins to penetrate deeply into the skin giving total skin rejuvenation.

Growth Factors are naturally occurring peptides that promote new skin cells and speed up cell turnover – all of which are key to the skins repair, renewal and regeneration. As we age the body’s own production of growth factors increasingly slow down and topical supplementation becomes both important and necessary for anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation. Using the DermaFrac system we can deliver these potent proteins deep into the skin – exactly where we need them most.

Growth Factors promote:

  • Skin repair
  • Skin renewal
  • Skin regeneration

Benefits of Growth Factor serum:

  • A significant increase in skin elasticity, firmness and tone providing a healthy, vibrant and youthful complexion
  • Cell hydration and support of healthy skin function
  • An enhancement of skin texture and moisture balance which makes the skin look plump and hydrated.
  • An increase in collagen and elastin production for firmer, smoother, brighter skin
  • A calming of red or inflamed skin using the anti-inflammatory properties of the Growth Factor serum.
  • Protection against free radical damage which increases resistance to photo-ageing and supports cell metabolism whilst enhancing blood flow.

DermaFrac £120 per treatment Course of 6 £600

DermaFrac with Growth Factor serum £150 per treatment Course of 6 £795

Treatment time 1 hour

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