Genie Non-Surgical Face & Body

What is Genie Complete?

As we get older our muscles shrink leading to a drooping appearance. With exercise and the right diet, we can generally keep our bodies in shape. But the facial muscles are more difficult to exercise. But now there’s Genie Complete, known as the personal trainer for the face. It is the ultimate slimming and toning system – the most powerful non-surgical face lift machine on the market.


How does Genie Complete work?

Genie Complete uses the 10-minute face lift technology of Mediwave, with a powerful body contouring system. The ‘Take Ten’ system is a completely new way to a younger, healthier looking face. It exercises the facial muscles in exactly the same way as we work out in the gym. With exercise, sagging facial muscles return to their former position, increase in size, lift the features and reduce lines and wrinkles –

What does Genie Complete deliver?

The result is a younger, healthier appearance. By rebuilding your aging muscles to their previous state your face will be fuller with a visible lift that regular treatments can preserve. This full, healthier look also helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Our body treatments can improve cellulite and fluid retention, helping you to slim and tone.

What can I expect?

Because we are ‘power building’, a 10-minute treatment is sufficient to achieve all that is possible in one session. The muscles continue to work for 24 hours, re-generating themselves.

Micro current therapy – face and body skin renewal

We use micro-currents, in harmony with the body’s own bio-electrical field, to treat problem areas of the face and body such as pock marks, scars, stretch marks and loose skin around the bust area, abdomen and hands – we can also use micro-currents in the last stage of a cellulite treatment, to smooth out orange peel affect. Micro-currents have healing properties and increases muscle energy levels. This allows natural production of protein synthesis (elasticity of the skin) and fibroblast activity (collagen production) giving the skin a firmer, smoother, healthier look.

We generally recommend a course of between 10 and 15 micro-current treatments. You may need more than one course, depending on your skin tissue and muscle tone. You may also benefit from a booster treatment each month.

Slimming, toning and cellulite treatments

Genie Complete uses specially developed electronic wave shapes to provide proven results for slimming, toning and cellulite treatment. We place a series of electrodes on your body to allow the current to pass through to the muscle, causing a contraction. Just as with normal exercise, if your muscles are less toned we will start off gently and increase activity as your muscles develop.

Lymphatic drainage – complete detox

Your lymph drainage system is your body’s natural waste disposal unit – but it can become overloaded with toxins We offer a lymphatic drainage treatment that can treat and improve cellulite, fluid retention and other problems related to lymphatic stagnancy in both body and face. With treatment, your skin will become softer, more beautiful, healthier and younger looking.


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