Vascular issues – broken (‘spider’ or ‘thread’) veins, redness or rosacea

Broken veins and redness, wherever they appear and whatever the cause, are unwelcome at best. At worst, they can leave you having to always cover up your problem skin, and feeling less attractive than you deserve.


Types and causes

  • Broken (‘spider’ or ‘thread’) veins – are very thin blood vessels that lie just below the surface of the skin and start to become more visible. They are harmless and the veins have not actually broken, only become slightly enlarged. There is no obvious single cause to broken or thread veins, although some activities and conditions may make them appear worse. They may just be something that develops as we get older and our skin and veins become less ‘elastic’.
  • Rosacea – a long-term condition that mainly affects the skin on the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin, although it may also be visible on the neck or chest.


Broken (‘spider’ or ‘thread’) veins – appear as fine red or purple wavy lines, usually on the face and legs, and may get larger and increase in number over time.

Rosacea – in the early stages, rosacea begins with frequent episodes of flushing or blushing, where the skin turns red for a short time. As the condition progresses, there may be other symptoms such as persistent redness, small red bumps or spots, a burning or stinging sensation and small blood vessels becoming visible on the skin.

You may also notice your skin appears red and flushed after going from hot to cold conditions, or after eating and drinking certain foods.


Broken (‘spider’ or ‘thread’ veins and rosacea can affect each person differently. We provide a range of treatments and products to suit you as an individual, for both face and body. And we find results are enhanced with the use of the quality products we can recommend.


Suggested Treatments

  • Laser – intense pulse light (IPL) treatments reduce the number and severity of active lesions, calming inflammation and slowing the frequency of breakouts.
  • Skin peels – help improve acne by addressing all contributing factors, without causing dehydration or inflammation.
  • Micro-needling – helps to reduce lines, wrinkles, open pores and acne scarring and treats dry, dehydrated skin to leave your skin looking fresher and smoother.
  • LED Light – we use blemish-fighting blue light therapy to treat the causes and symptoms of acne and rosacea by reducing inflammation, irritation and bacteria with no downtime.
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