Skin Peels

What are skin peels?

Chemical facial peels (also known as skin peels or chemical peels) are applied to the face as a specialist acidic solution to the face. Once the acidic solution is applied to the face it reacts with the upper layers of the epidermis (skin) which are dead. The solution weakens the binding properties that hold the dead skin together. The peel removes the damaged and dead outer layers of the skin, revealing healthier new skin cells to give the skin a rejuvenated look.


We recognise that you are an individual, with specific skin concerns, a particular skin type and particular needs for post-treatment downtime. That’s why we have a skin peel to suit you and allow you to return to your normal life as soon as possible. We use many different types of acid that are excellent at penetrating skin, the different products offer different strengths and combinations allowing us to tailor the treatment to your needs.

What do skin peels deliver?

Peels help reduce or completely remove the appearance of a number of skin conditions – even the more sensitive skin conditions such as acne, ingrown hair, redness, rosacea, scarring and sun damage.

What can I expect?

Chemical facial peels are not painful however, some clients experience some discomfort and a tingling sensation during the peel. A course of three peels is normally recommended, four weeks apart.

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