Hair Removal by Laser

Here at Tej and Co we want to offer the best and most trusted laser and IPL system to our clients and so have invested in a Lynton Lumina (IPL & ND;Yag). This system has been used within the NHS and is on the NHS supply chain giving us and our clients confidence in the safety and clinical results. The Lynton Lumina is a medical grade devise used to treat unwanted hair, thread veins and rosacea, skin rejuvenation and collagen stimulation, pigmentation such as sun damage, age spots and freckles and acne.


The Lumina will remove hairs from all areas of the body, from targeted areas on the face or bikini area to larger areas such as the back or legs.

What do you need to know?

Hair must be dark enough to absorb the laser light, so unfortunately the treatment doesn’t work on blonde, red or grey hair (don’t give up, one of our other treatments will work for you!) Unlike less advanced systems, Lumina even works on finer hair.

We don’t need a lot of hair growth for an effective treatment – Lumina even gets rid of hair beneath the surface of the skin, so no more shadow effect!

If you are taking any medicines, conventional or alternative (even ibuprofen, St John’s Wort or aspirin), then please bring them along to your consultation so that we can ensure it is safe to treat you while you are taking them – please do give us a call if you’d like to check in advance.

Our first session will be a consultation with your therapist, where we will draw up a detailed programme to your own requirements. We will also need to carry out a patch test 24 hours before your initial treatment so that we can monitor the reaction.

What happens during treatment?

We prepare your skin with a special gel and move the applicator across your skin in ‘steps’ to be sure we cover the entire area. Each pulse feels a little like a snap from a rubber band, the sensation is fleeting, and we will of course tailor the treatment to suit your tolerance levels.


Treatments are every four to six weeks and the treated hair will begin to shed in the second or third week after your treatment. Hairs grow in different cycles so can’t all be treated at the same time that’s why a course of treatments is required. You will see a marked difference with good care, before, during and after your treatment, the results of Lumina can be permanent.


On the day Your skin may feel a little red or warm for a few hours after your treatment. Cooling soothes, so a cold flannel (no ice please!) or aloe vera, witch hazel or tea tree gel applied gently will help you deal with any discomfort. You should leave make up off for the day and make sure you leave the hairs in the follicles for at least four days to reduce any risk of infection. Up to 48 hours afterwards You should avoid extremes of temperature, so no excessive exercise, heat treatments (saunas, steam rooms and hot baths are also out). Chemicals may irritate, so avoid perfumes, body lotions, aftershave, deodorant or make up – there are also chemicals to be avoided in swimming pools. Steer clear of tight clothing, and sunbathing of any description is a no-no, including sunbeds, as they activate the melanin in the skin and can cause problems with pigmentation.


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