Intimate Waxing

Intimate Waxing

Keeping everything neat and tidy is something that appeals to lots of men, whether for hygiene, aesthetic or more personal reasons. Here at Tej&Co we’ll get you smooth and hair free in a relaxed but professional environment. With our Intimate Waxing treatments, we can remove as little or as much hair as you wish, taking particular care with those most sensitive areas.

What do you need to know?
Intimate waxing involves the removal of hair from the groin, penis, scrotum, buttocks & the anal area, so we understand you may be a little self-conscious. Please don’t worry, at Tej&Co our therapists are experienced (Axiom Certified), relaxed and absolutely focused on the job – removing your hair effectively. Sometimes the treatment can cause arousal for a moment or two, but this is not a cause for panic, your therapist knows this can happen and will continue with her work. Of course, we are professionals, so any inappropriate behaviour cannot be tolerated – we will protect your modesty, and we’re sure you’ll protect ours.

We need hair to be around ½ cm long for waxing, so if you normally shave, you should let your hair grow for at least 2-3 weeks. For intimate waxing, we use a specialist ‘non-strip’ wax which adheres only to the hair( and not to the skin!), essentially ‘shrink-wrapping’ each hair. When we remove the wax by hand, hair is removed precisely and your skin is not affected at all, helping to keep the ouch factor to a minimum. The wax even nourishes your skin, with ingredients like Beeswax. It is also hypoallergenic and contains no fragrance to guarantee maximum tolerance and is recommended for the most sensitive skins. Combined with low temperatures, it is the most effective and comfortable wax.


Unlike shaving, with waxing, there is no ‘cactus effect’ to worry about. Of course, hair will regrow, but with regular treatment it does get weaker and even slower. Hair grows at different speeds, so regrowth will be different for everyone, but we do recommend a wax every four weeks for your first four appointments so that we can get your hair onto the same cycle. You also should also avoid shaving between treatments.


If you are waxing for a holiday and it’s your first time, we recommend you wax at least a week before you travel – just to avoid exposing any unexpected lumps or bumps.

On the day
Sweating can lead to infected hair follicles, so no sunbathing of any kind, no heat treatments, no exercise and no showering or hot baths on the day of your wax – maybe just have a lazy day! Also, you should only use the moisturising lotions we supply.

48 hours afterward and beyond
Continue to stay away from the heat and sun for the first few days. After that, exfoliate and moisturise regularly as it keeps your skin supple and helps to prevent any ingrowing hairs. But don’t exfoliate or moisturise on the day of your next appointment

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  • Brazilian: Having done my first intimate Hollywood waxing I was pleasantly surprised. Arriving with anxiety, not knowing what to expect and how the body would react. But I must say - a friendly clean environment helped to make the whole experience much less painful than expected. The Therapist was skilled, experienced and focused, even akward situations were dealt with in a professional manner. The result was very smooth and worth the little pain!! Tom :)
  • Cheeks & Crack: I can't beleive I have had this done after thinking about it for so long & now I wouldn't be without it I feel so much cleaner! Professional friendly salon with a very skilled therapist. John
  • Brazilian: "It’s the day after my first appointment at Tej & Co and its all looking good! I have had wax treatments for a couple of years so I know what I'm talking about, Tej & Co are THE hair removal experts, super professional, reassuring, knowledgeable and it’s all done in good humour. Best results I have ever experienced!" John
  • Hollywood: : "I was well and truly waxed this morning – I had a Hollywood plus under arms, nostrils and ears and feeling reborn. I have been waxed before but I think Tej did a far more professional job. No pain, no rash although heaped up with product! I shall recommend and return." Colin