Treatments for Her

We know how important effective hair removal is for our female clients, because we get to share in their delight at finally getting rid of excess hair. We’ve had years of practice, and we promise that when we combine the latest technology with our tried and trusted methods, the fabulous feeling of hair free skin is achievable.

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Laser Hair Removal

The very latest hair removal system. It uses short, controlled pulses of light to actually destroy hair follicles, removing unwanted hair from all areas of the body. >> MORE

Electrolysis Treatment

Electrolysis works by weakening the hair. We choose the method of electrolysis that will be most effective for you and, if you’ve tried it before don’t be afraid to try it with Tej&Co – we use the most advanced technology, far gentler and more comfortable than ever before. >> MORE
Hair V Go

Hair V Go

Hair V Go is an extremely effective alkaline treatment formulated in a mask to reduce fine downy vellus facial hair. Areas such as cheeks and the jawline can be difficult to remove but with this alkaline treatment it will dissolve fine hairs in one treatment with no discomfort leaving the skin smooth immediately after and hair free! >> MORE

Epil-Pro Hair Removal

Sound waves destroy hair at the root, immediately leaving the skin hair free. Painless, precise and perfect for the face, Epil-Pro delivers fabulous results. >> MORE

Waxing For Women

If you normally shave, or are thinking of trying waxing, let us convince you to give it a go. Smooth skin for longer, with softer re-growth: your legs, underarms, bikini line - or any other wax-happy area - will thank you for it, we promise. >> MORE

Facial Treatments for her

micro skin needing

Micro Skin Needling

It’s one of the most advanced methods of micro skin needling treatment available, non-invasive, virtually pain-free and clinically proven to stimulate your natural collagen and elastin. Micro needles shift your skin’s natural repair mechanism into high gear - a 100% natural form of skin renewal from the inside out! >> MORE
Elizabeth Arden PRO treatments

Elizabeth Arden PRO treatments

Elizabeth Arden PRO Professional Treatments are designed to “jumpstart” the Elizabeth Arden PRO home care regimen, accelerating and maximizing the benefits of the products for even faster results. >> MORE

Genie Non Surgical Facial

Say Goodbye to Cosmetic Surgery… Genie the Ultimate Slimming, Lifting & Toning System >> MORE
skin rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

Skin Rejuvenation treatments offer a solution for all the visible signs of ageing caused by sun damage, such as brown spots (pigmentation), redness (thread veins) and uneven skin texture, lines and wrinkles >> MORE
skin rejuvenation

Genie Non Surgical Facial

Genie is known as the personal trainer for the face and body providing a complete workout in just 10 minutes for the face and only 20 minutes for the body. The Genie system is a thousand times stronger than most other systems it is the only system that actually rebuilds facial muscle mass. >> MORE


Eiponce skin peels will help you achieve a radiant, clear complexion and boost the effects of your skin care. >> MORE


An exciting new treatment delivering advanced 4 in 1 total skin rejuvenation! >> MORE
  • IPL - Legs: "After 4 treatments I hardly had any hair on my legs. I am really pleased with the results and would recommend it to anyone."
  • Epil Pro - Upper lip: "It’s brilliant! My hair was too fine for electrolysis and not dark enough for laser but I hated my shadow on my upper lip. I can’t believe how this system has got rid of my hair."
  • Electroysis - Chin & lip: "My grey hair was not suitable to the laser and I was a bit reluctant to try electrolysis because in the past it had not worked on me. After a number of treatments the hairs got weaker and now they are gone. I’m so glad I gave it a second go."
  • Waxing - Intimate waxing: "I have never had a treatment that was so pain free! The non-strip wax was brilliant and I was given good aftercare advice too. It’s the only place I would recommend to have it done."
  • Waxing - Legs & Under arms: "Excellent service using quality products."
  • Tej made me feel relaxed from the moment I walked in, the surroundings are lovely and tranquil and the treatment I had was a lot better than other places I've been, very professional. She took time to talk to me about other treatments for different areas and I even had another treatment done that I hadn't booked in for while I was there. Have already booked my next appointment. Thanks for a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Dionne
  • The salon is fresh, tidy and more importantly clean. The staff are welcoming and very accommodating regardless of the treatment being received. I was well informed about the treatment I was receiving and was provided tips on aftercare. Simon
  • Very pleased with my visit today, confident with the information and treatment given by the therapist. Pam
  • What a nice young lady, professional and very good at explaining all the ins and outs of what was being done. She gave some good tips and made feel so relaxed, l will be back again for further treatments but next time will not be so nervous when ringing the bell. Christine