About Tej and Co

FOR 14 years, Stourbridge-based Tej&Co has been helping both men and women of all ages feel super confident about their bodies.

Owned and managed by Tejinder Ghag, the salon in South Road, Norton, has built up an excellent reputation in the West Midlands and beyond for state-of-the-art services including hair removal and facial treatments.

In an exciting development, Tej&Co has recently teamed up with Dr Mervyn Patterson, who is widely regarded as one of the UK’s leading cosmetic doctors.
Tejinder regularly liaises with Dr Patterson, who specialises in the latest injectable anti-ageing treatments and was instrumental in developing applications for the treatment of facial rejuvenation and rosacea, to ensure that clients achieve the best possible results.
Facial treatments available at Tej&Co include:

Collagen PIN – one of the most advanced methods of micro skin needling treatment available. Skin will become firmer, fine lines and wrinkles will be visibly reduced, pores become finer and circulation stimulated.

DermaFrac – the latest advancement in micro needling using 180 super fine needles to stimulate collagen production and cell renewal helping to plump, firm and smooth the skin.
Epionce peel system – a professionally applied peel procedure which stimulates cell turnover, skin rejuvenation and accelerates the restorative process.

Tej&Co appreciates how important effective hair removal is for both male and female clients and uses tried and trusted methods including waxing, laser treatment, electrolysis and Epil-Pro, to deliver the unbeatable feeling of hair free skin.

Whatever your hair colour, race or gender, the salon will establish the best hair removal solution for you and also prides itself on its relationships with transgender and menopausal clients and women with polycystic ovary syndrome.

  • IPL - "The very latest hair removal system. It uses short, controlled pulses of light to actually destroy hair follicles, removing unwanted hair from all areas of the body".
  • Electrolysis - "Electrolysis works by weakening the hair. We choose the method of electrolysis that will be most effective for you and, if you’ve tried it before don’t be afraid to try it with Tej&Co – we use the most advanced technology, far gentler and more comfortable than ever before".
  • Epil Pro - "Sound waves destroy hair at the root, immediately leaving the skin hair free. Painless, precise and perfect for the face, Epil-Pro delivers fabulous results".
  • Waxing - "If you normally shave, or are thinking of trying waxing, let us convince you to give it a go. Smooth skin for longer, with softer re-growth: your legs, underarms, bikini line - or any other wax-happy area - will thank you for it, we promise".
  • Intimate Waxing - "Keeping everything neat and tidy down there is something that appeals to lots of men & women, whether for hygiene, aesthetic or more personal reasons. Here at Tej&Co we’ll get you smooth and hair free in a relaxed but professional environment".